Gracie’s First Casualty

Saint John-20140122-00041

Zero Remorse.

Our sweet puppy has turned into a vicious and determined Sock Killer.

Gracie’s newest and most favorite game is to sneak into our room and steal socks ( and the occasional underwear). She proudly brings them to her doggy bed before destroying them with zero remorse. She is getting very sneaky, it has got to the point that we put a bell on her collar to help us keep her out of trouble! Gracie’s bed has become her throne of her toys and precious belongings and far too often we find things that don’t quite belong in the toy pile.

Shoes have yet been discovered.  Safe for now…..


Saint John-20140122-00043


Oh the irony. Just as I posted this, I realized how quite the house was and immediately got up to check on the puppy. There she was with Rob’s slippers… chewing away. Oh Joy….
Looks like i’ll be locking away my shoes tonight!

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