Growing Up Fast!

Gracie 6 mONTHS

This May Gracie turned 6 months!

It’s hard to believe only a few months ago, we could cuddle her in one arm!
She is getting smart too! Gracie has been a great student in obedience class, although it’s been challenge at times to keep her attention with so  many other dogs around. The only things left to work on is perfecting ‘come’ on command and to calm down when meeting new people. She really has no manors with greeting people at the door…. or on the street… or at the park… you get the idea! Suggestions and tips welcome!


Shortly after turning 6 months, we brought Gracie to the Avenue Animal Hospital to get spayed. The procedure went smoothly and everyone at the clinic had nothing but wonderful things to say about our little Goldendoodle. We were grateful that she was not sent home with a silly head cone / lamp shade. Gracie healed pretty quickly and was bouncing around wanting to play with her sister in no time.


I hope to research some groomers in the next few weeks to get her first cut done. She is so adorable with her fluffy curly hair but maintaining long shaggy hair during the summer months seems impossible! I swear she took home a bucket full of sand the last time she went for a swim! So with that being said, I decided to dig out my camera and take some shots of Gracie in her fluffy glory 🙂 Lets hope we find a good groomer who doesnt shave her like a poodle!



I absolutely LOVE Gracie’s new custom collar, leash and detachable bow from RHC Pets. Gracie was out growing her puppy collar quickly and after spending hours searching Esty, I found the perfect collar. Turns out the women who hand makes these great collar sets lives right here in New Brunswick! Check out her online store here for more awesome designs and patterns.

Playing with the camera focus and tight framing

…… and cant forget about Athena!


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