Home Sweet Home


Our new puppy arrived!
She had a long day traveling from Ottawa with Air Canada but she was very happy to meet us. Lots of puppy kisses and tail wagging!

Gracie was not timid at all meeting her big sister Athena. Athena however is still unsure what to think of the hyper little puppy who keeps playing in her dog bed. Hopefully with time their friendship will grow.

After an exhausting day we tried to place Gracie back in her crate for the night but she really wanted nothing to do with the crate. Can’t blame her since I’m sure the flights had to have been traumatic for her. We set up Athena’s old wire crate and it worked like a charm. Several middle of the night pee breaks were made but overall she was a quite puppy until 5:30 in the morning when she whimpered all the way till dawn. Tough love they say feels soo cruel! Fingers crossed next time is much easier!

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