Play Time, Week 1 & 2


Play Time from Week 1 & 2.

Gracie is growing fast and is learning her ‘Sit’ & ‘Wait’ commands. She plays in the backyard on her lead, and hopefully next week we will start hitting the roads for walks in the the morning. She still has no interest in ‘Come’ unless there is food involved. She is both smart and stubborn at times… looks like we will be signing up for some puppy classes in the near future!

Lots to discover and explore in her new home. She loves her big sister Athena, although it’s taken a little while for Athena to get used to her hyper little sister! Even snuggling for a nap together is a challenge. Gracie typically ignores her sister’s growl and plops down for a rest. Athena has been gentle and patient with the puppy but still does not like to share her time with Rob or her favorite toys.

I can see your tonsils!

I can see your tonsils!

I love my Big Sister

“I love my Big Sister”


Cute and Innocent….




“I said No More Photos!”

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