Sick Puppy


Gracie had a wonderful first week with us and did great at her check up at the Avenue Animal Hospital. Although Gracie is a mini Goldendoodle  (should mature to be under 50lbs) … the vet commented that her large paws and size indicate she might grow up to be a large dog! At 9 weeks she weighed in at 10lbs. The vet also found a couple ear mites but it was a simple fix. One drop of medication on the neck for both Gracie and Athena and the treatment was complete.

A couple days after her first visit with the vet in Saint John we had to make a quick return visit. Gracie vomited the night before, we found blood in her stool and she was having a hard time urinating. Everyone at the Avenue Animal Hospital were so wonderful with us and took time to answer all of our questions. The Vet decided to place Gracie on a carb diet of mashed potatoes and pasta until her bowels tame down and started her on some meds for her tummy. Gracie’s urine test results also came back positive with Urinary Crystals (ouch!), a urine Ph of 7.7 and a white blood cell count of 3 to 5 (signs of possible infection).

Several days into her diet and new meds we found a round worm in her stool. Back to the Vet’s for another round of deworming medication.

Once the first round of meds were completed we sent off another urine sample.

The Vet had good news and bad news…

We were happy to find out that her urine Ph is back to a normal (Ph 6), and the sample was clear of crystals. The bad news is that there was an even higher white blood cell count ( 5 to 10) this time around. Strange.. since everything else improved! So our poor Gracie is on another round of antibiotics for an UTI.

You would never know this puppy was feeling under the weather, she has been so happy and full of the energy the past 2 weeks!
Let’s hope Gracie gets back to 100% soon!


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