You know the roads are icy when you can skate home.


Yet again the Maritime provinces were slammed with icy road conditions. Many roads in NB were too slick to drive down and and RCMP shut down several parts of the highway due to the dangerous driving conditions.  This did not stop 2 adventurous individuals from enjoying the winter weather.

Here is a great video that I came across today. Two people skating down a street after another day of freezing rain and flash freeze in the Maritimes.

The translated article at

LOL, this video was filmed by  Mario Albert  in the town of Petit-Paquetville.
One sees  Maxime Cormier  and  Patrick Landry  Skating in the middle of the road!

Here, our weather is bipolar 3.

One day it is -20 degrees and the next day it is 5 degrees!

So that we can attend to such incredible scene!

Hockey is our national sport for nothing ;) :

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Not every day you can skate down the street! Only in Canada!

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