Autumn Hike Up Frost Mountain


We were all treated by some pretty amazing fall weathering during the long Thanksgiving weekend. Everyone was busy with plans but I did not want to waste such a beautiful day . I packed up the car with the dogs and my camera and drove out to the cozy little town of Hampton NB.

The  air was cool and the sunshine was warm. Frost Mountain was a beautiful array of autumn colours.

I have done this little hike several times in the past so I was confident making the trip solo.

A huge reminder to those who love going out an appreciating the fall colours. Please double check to see if hunting season has begun. This was a huge over-sight on my behalf. We were reminded of this dangerous detail when we heard the echo of a gun shot as we approached the summit. Talk about nearly having a heart attack. Bad enough to be out in the woods alone, let alone during hunting season, plus ZERO hunting orange attire.

There is a great clearing at the top, providing a beautiful panoramic view. I enjoyed a long rest, soaking in the sun, taking photos and eating my packed picnic. More gun fire was a reminder that It was probably not the best to linger longer than we have to in the woods so we made our decent. I decided to play music from my phone at full volume and sing quite poorly as a deterrent of any possible hunters in the area. We made it to the car without a problem and I took the dogs to the river for one last swim of the season.


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