Halloween DIY Viking Costume


Get ready for the spookiest day of the year,
Halloween is here!!

Our city only has a handful of stores to purchase costumes.. so the odds are high to be dressed exactly the same as someone else. My solution? Make your own costume!

It’s always a challenge to come up with an idea for a costume.
This year’s costumes was inspired from our last vacation to Iceland.

P1020600 P1020602

I Created 2 Viking Costumes from ONE Jacket!

Keep reading to find out how!



1 Second Hand Pleather Jacket with a Fur Lining
2 Viking Helmets
1 Pair of Heals & 1 Pare of Sandles
1 Secondhand Brown Dress
1 Secondhand Large TShirt (black)
1 Fleece ThrowBlanket from DollarStore
Accessories – Large Beard, Necklace, Swords, Feathers, Twine





1.  Head to a second hand and buy a bulky pleather jacket with a fur liner.

2.  Separate the fur liner from the jacket.
Be careful not to tear the leather/pleather.

3.  Cut the Arms off of the Pleather Jacket and the Liner
Now you have 2 Vest. 1 Fur & 1 Pleather

4.   Use the pleather arms from the jacket as kneehigh leg warmers.
Use twine to wrap around legs for added detail!

5.  Cut the collar off of both Fur Liner and Pleather Jacket

6.  Cut the fur vest into desired length.
I made mine short/above the waist

7.  Don’t cut the pleather vest. Use the extra fur from the other vest for trim and details.
I also used twine for added details 

8.   Use a inexpensive fleece throwblanket as a cape.
       – Gather the blanket at one end.
      – Sew the fur collar (from the liner) to one end of the blanket.

9.  Use extra fabric to make second leg warmers & 2 pairs of arm wraps.
Use more twine for details!

10.  Braid a long rope of twine and use as belts.


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