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New Years Eve 2013

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

(1501 Broadway, Times Square)

Myself (31) and my boyfriend (36) from Canada decided to return to NYC for NYE. We were at TGI Friday’s in Times Square the year before. We were so blown away by the experience that we decided to do it again! We were definitely not disappointed by the fantastic staff at Bubba Gumps! They know how to throw a phenomenal party!

Our motivation to go-all-out for NYE last year had to do with wanting achieve a Bucket List moment. The option of standing outside (in the cold) for 9 hours, till midnight, was not a favorable option. The streets fill very early in the afternoon and each block is barricaded and controlled by the police. If you enter a ‘block’ you cannot leave for the bathroom or get food or drink the entire time.

The option of purchasing tickets to an event in Times Square has so many extraordinary benefits. Yes, the tickets are insanely pricey.. BUT you are paying for the experience. Being warm and cozy… Enjoying food, drinks and sweets.. going out onto the streets to watch the concerts…then the main event, the ball drop… followed by returning to the building for some more celebrating! Many may argue it’s a waste of money… but for us standing outside all day to be close to the action was not an option.

Not only did Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. have great reviews, but the ticket price included party favours, drinks, food, and entertainment. But most importantly the LOCATION was the key factor. They are located directly under the ball drop, right in the heart of Times Square!

Due to TGIF’s Times Square location closing down during the summer, we knew this event was going to be in high demand. In pervious years it was sold out in a matter of days!
We got in contact with Becky at Bubba Gump’s during the summer and were placed on the contact list. In November we received our email notifying that tickets were on sale. We were glad we did not hesitate, they sold out in hours!

Good news, they are changing things up for next year!! “Due to the overwhelming response we have received for tickets to this event in prior years and in consideration of our guests coming from all over the world; this year we have decided to institute a lottery system to sell the limited number of tickets available for this event. No purchase is necessary to enter the ticket lottery and we will not collect any payment information at this time, but you must follow all rules noted below to enter. ” Be sure to contact the restaurant for details!

We arrived to NY a few days early and picked up our tickets. Included were details of where the to meet the night of the big event. This is very important! Take the suggested streets! Security is tight and you can spend hours attempting to get around the times square area to make it to your meeting point!

New Years Eve we arrived at out meeting spot and were greeted by staff who took us through security and then into the restaurant. After a quick sign in we headed straight upstairs. We had drinks in hand even before we had a chance to pick a prime table for the evening! We chose to stand at a cocktail table right along the window with a million dollar view of the festivities below! We shared the table with another couple we met while outside at the meeting spot.

The evening was packed full of entertainment & fantastic service. Our fortunes were told by a palm reader, a magician entertained us with his quirky card tricks, and lots of fun tunes spun by the DJ! The staff was so energetic and helpful. At no time did we ever have an empty glass. And to my delight there was a Champaign bar. oh delicious! The hors d’oeuvres were plentiful and a there was a dinner buffet featuring both seafood and non-seafood options!

We were permitted watch the night’s performers in our own private viewing stall outside on the sidewalk. The 2013 lineup included Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepson, and PSY (with MC Hammer). Although the stage was directly in front of us, the show is not really geared to be watched from the crowd. It was broadcasted all over the screens though, and the crowd’s energy was infectious!

The time passed so quickly, before we knew it, it was time to head down to the sidewalk to get a good spot for the ball drop. At the stroke of midnight we shared a kiss and sang ‘New York, New York’ at the top of our lungs… as 3 tones of confetti rained down on us! The energy of everyone is so hard to describe! You must try it for yourself! 100% better live than seen on the tv!

After singing and dancing on the streets we made our way back to the restaurant were we had a champagne toast and enjoyed a very large candy bar and desserts with our new friends.

The staff even surprised us with an extra gift, a Swag Bag packed full! The staff went beyond my expectations, and even hunted down a pair of 2013 souvenir glasses for me. I believe it resulted in the trade of his ballcap! I cant say enough about our night. I would like to say it’s a once in a life time event… but (again) we might see you next year!

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New Years Eve 2013


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