Photo shoot 0018

Gracie, 13 Weeks

Thought it was about time to dig out my D7000 and practice my manual shooting skills. Dogs are not easy subjects as they are…

Rome Day11 RG0013


SEPTEMBER 20, 2013 DAY 3 IN ROME   Another Full Day in Rome Rome is an endless list of world-class art, famous churches, ancient…

playfights 00033

Puppy Play Fights

Athena and Gracie have the most entertaining play fights. I thought It would be fun to get a worms-eye-view of the action with my…

SnowStorms B00004

Snow Days

House-training a puppy during 3 massive snow storms (in one week!) is quite challenging. Lets hope spring is around the corner…. The dogs don’t…



SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 The Vatican & The Colosseum by Night Rome is big. Not only that, Rome is also crowded. There’s no real “low”…


Sick Puppy

Gracie had a wonderful first week with us and did great at her check up at the Avenue Animal Hospital. Although Gracie is a…


Sleepy Trouble Maker

Looks Can Be Deceiving….. Sleeping puppies always look so innocent! When this little girl is awake we cant take our eyes off of her….


Outside Fun

Gracie – 10 Weeks Old Lots of fun playing outside in the snow over the past 2 weeks!  


Play Time, Week 1 & 2

Play Time from Week 1 & 2. Gracie is growing fast and is learning her ‘Sit’ & ‘Wait’ commands. She plays in the backyard…